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State Representative Don Ross


Final Report of the Oklahoma Commission to Study the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 - 1

Compiled by Dr. Danney Goble (University of Oklahoma)


History Knows No Fences: An Overview - 21

Dr. John Hope Franklin (James B. Duke Professor Emeritus, Duke University)

Dr. Scott Ellsworth (Consultant to the Commission)


The Tulsa Race Riot - 37

Dr. Scott Ellsworth


Airplanes and the Riot - 103

Richard Warner (Tulsa Historical Society)


Confirmed Deaths: A Preliminary Report - 109

Dr. Clyde Snow (Consultant to the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner)


The Investigation of Potential Mass Grave Locations for the Tulsa Race Riot - 123

Dr. Robert Brooks (State Archaeologist)

Dr. Alan H. Witten (University of Oklahoma)


History Uncovered: Skeletal Remains As a Vehicle to the Past - 133

Dr. Lesley Rankin-Hill (University of Oklahoma)

Phoebe Stubblefield (University of Florida)


Riot Property Loss - 143

Larry O'Dell (Oklahoma Historical Society)


Asessing State and City Culpability: The Riot and the Law - 153

Alfred Brophy (Oklahoma City University)


Notes on Contributors - 175



State Senator Maxine Horner


Chronological Maps of the Tulsa Race Riot